Sun N’ Fun 2017 Newsletter

Sun N’ Fun 2017 Newsletter
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RotorWay will be participating this year at Sun N’ Fun with help from Mark Peterson of Airmark Helicopters. Mark will be representing RotorWay Helicopters and will be demonstrating the A600 Turbo. Mark will be joined by Chris Tronaas and his Oshkosh Grand Champion RotorWay. Stop by and see them at Booth #40. There will be special pricing on A600 orders at Sun N’ Fun.

Oshkosh 2017

Planning continues for AirVenture 2017. We have RotorWay’s 50th Anniversary Dinner scheduled for the evening of the 27th at 7pm in the Nature Center, Baby Ace tent. We would like to hear from you if you are planning to attend. Please RSVP to We will be updating as our plans are finalized. 

A Couple New Face’s

Matt Engquist has joined the RotorWay Team in February, 2017.
Matt has 20 years of Aviation experience with 10 years of that in Engineering, ranging from manufacturing to design.  Before joining the RotorWay team, Matt worked for a commercial helicopter company as a Mechanical Systems Engineer.  Matt has incorporated items from new, cost saving ideas to full weapon systems and cutting edge ideas on both Helicopters and Fixed wing applications. 
Matts background is diverse within aviation and holds two degrees.  An engineering degree from Arizona State University and a Degree of Professional Aeronautics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.    
Amanda Fletcher has joined the RotorWay team in February 2017. She moved to Arizona from San Jose, CA in 2002.  Amanda earned a degree in Marketing from Brooks College, Long Beach.  She has over 8 years of Administrative Support, Sales and Marketing experience. She has supported high level Executives, and enjoyed working closely and being the point of contact. She enjoys being creative, and using her Marketing experience to build and design materials. Amanda is thankful for this opportunity and looking forward to helping RotorWay in the Sales and Marketing Department.

Investment in Engineering

With RotorWay developing the RW7 and continued upgrades and improvements to the A600, RotorWay has made a large investment to our engineering department with new staff and equipment. We have upgraded our computers, CAD software and new stress analysis software running NASTRAN.

These investments are RotorWay’s commitment to our customers and Helicopters.

Thank you for years support, we look forward to meeting you at AirVenture 2017.
Darron Braymiller, General Manager 
Mobile 480-734-8733 (best way to contact)

Amanda Fletcher, Sales
(480)961-1001 x-141
Robin MacArthur, Purchasing / Parts Manager
480-961-1001  X-112
Rob Golden, Production / Engine Supervisor
Thank you from all of us at RotorWay for the years of support.

Fly safe!

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