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November Newsletter 2016
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Altitude Testing
A600 Turbo High Elevation Flight Test
Location: Love Field, Prescott AZ
Field Elevation: 5045ft
Temperature: 12C
Relative humidity: 47%
Density Altitude: 5434ft
Weight: 2 pilots, full fuel – 1518lbs
HIGE Performance Data, 3 foot hover:  Throttle position – 43%, Manifold pressure – 30.64
HOGE Performance Data at 6000ft, 850ft AGL:   Throttle position 44%, Manifold pressure – 28.21
OAT @6000ft 10C , Hg@6000ft 29.38in .  Calculated Density Altitude @6000ft – 7497ft
When flying in Prescott and performing maneuvers the helicopter reacted as we were at Chandler at 1170ft.  Climbing up to 6000ft we had a climb rate of 800ft per minute at 53% throttle and manifold pressures at 32-33.  We performed the out of ground effect hover 15 minutes after takeoff so we were close to full gross weight of 1500lbs.
Employee Spotlight
Meet Paul Schoeder from our Airfoil Department. In his nearly 15 year career here at RotorWay, Paul has manufactured over 800 tail booms! Chances are if you own a 162F or the A600, Paul built your tail boom with precision and pride. Born in Wisconsin, his family moved to Arizona when he was 5 years old. At the early age of 14 Paul began working with his brother disassembling and re-assembling classic cars. From there, he moved into the world of race cars and speed boats. At Salt River Marine Paul worked on fiberglass bodies for the Sea Ray. Today Paul is happy to spend his days between airfoil assembly and R & D work. New projects and all of the custom work done at RotorWay make Paul the most proud. Next time your in the Arizona area, come by and say Hi!
RotorWay in South Korea
In October RotorWay’s General Manager Darron Braymiller and Steve, the Chief Pilot visited our newest dealer Sunjin Air Tech in South Korea.  Sunjin has two A600’s they are preparing for flight and another 5 due in the next few months.  They have brand new assembly and maintenance facilities and look to be a full service dealer offering complete assembled A600 helicopters in the LSA category in South Korea and other regions of Asia.
RotorWay’s 50th Anniversary
We are starting our planning early for EAA’s AirVenture Oshkosh 2017…are you? RotorWay Helicopter will be celebrating its’ 50th year in business! What that means for you is that this is the best time to plan on coming to the show if you’ve never been. And if you are one of the regulars, then you will be excited to see some things new and some things old. Either way, this will be the must see event of the year. Check our website and Facebook page for more updates and surprises.
Darron Braymiller, General Manager
Mobile 480-734-8733 (best way to contact)

Adela Agard, Sales
(480)961-1001 x-141
Robin MacArthur, Production Manager
480-961-1001  X-112
Rob Golden, Engine Department
Thank you from all of us at RotorWay for the years of support.

Fly safe!

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